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Hair Care

Hair Care, you must Hair Care, using the natural things such
as henna yoghurt, eggs, aloe vera, as well as you do with a
deep massage oil regular and do conditioning is the best deep hair and
the use of coconut oil and almond oil for hair and healthy eating that
contain more This is the best vitamin for hair, hair after bath try not
to use the comb straight, hair is sensitive and needs to be well taken
care of.

You must care hair nicely,use a natural things and do massage 
with oil regular and must remember that,before wash do massage and eat
healthy food,eat amal,fruit,green vegetables this best for hair and health.

Wash your hair regularly with branded shampoo, use own comb, message
your scalp with finger tips,use coconut oil,eat vitamins food, don't cut your
hair more , don't use dryer directly ou your scalp.