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Healthy and beautiful nails

Ancient physicians were tried by the nails on the overall health of the patient.  What, then, should be healthy nails?  They should be strong, supple and pink.  In fact, quite often problems with the nails as a problem with his health.  The structure of the nail is determined by heredity, but can be changed by external factors (environment, food, improper care, features the work).  It is especially important good nutrition, food should be diverse, containing essential vitamins and minerals.
Nails, like hair, are the outward indication of human health.  Therefore, if the cause of their illness lies within the body, then knowing the reason why you can not only improve the appearance of nails, but also to treat the body as a whole.
White spots may arise from damage to the base of the nail root due to shock.  Or indicate a lack of zinc in the body or calcium, hormonal imbalance, anemia.

Brittle nails may indicate a lack of vitamin A.
Dryness of nails can be caused by the influence of aggressive media (lye, acetone, etc.) and may indicate a violation of the nail bed circulation, gout, or thyroid dysfunction.
Soft and thinned nails may be the result of overuse and misuse of funds, nail care, or arthritis.
Yellowing of the nails is usually related to smoking or taking certain medications, but can talk about the problems of the liver and gallbladder, as well as infectious diseases.  Sometimes the nails are yellow from coloring pigment lacquer penetrates into the deeper layers.
The longitudinal grooves may indicate a lack of vitamins or breach of gastrointestinal activity, or the presence of some of the inflammatory process.
Transverse grooves appear after infections after surgeries or prolonged dieting.
Nails can stratify from the effects of cleaning agents or fungal diseases of various kinds, but may indicate, in particular, and of improper handling.
For the health of nails nazhny vitamins and minerals.  What are they?
Vitamin A is essential for growth and strengthen nails.  It is found in liver, butter, herbs, tomatoes, carrots.  So try to eat as much food on the sly.
Vitamin B promotes the assimilation of protein, essential for the growth of nails.  It is found in cabbage, brewer's yeast, egg yolk, sprouted wheat grains.
Iodine promotes the growth of nails.  It is found in seaweed, spinach.
Silicon is important for the elasticity and hardness of nails.  In a lot of it is contained in a variety of vegetables.
Calcium helps the hardness of nails.  The surest way to fill the lack of calcium - dairy products, especially cheese.
Iron is essential to maintain the structure and shape of the nail plate