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Beauty tips and secrets for girls

Beauty tips and secrets from 5 countries
Having a beautiful face and flawless skin is the desire of every woman in the world. Here we convey beauty secrets from 5 countries. These are tips that make women feel like there adored as an angel.
Prescription facial beauty is derived from their ancestors prescription. Could be a myth, but it could be real indeed. Ok Let's discuss one by one fifth secret woman:

Although these countries, including developed, but once most Japanese women prefer instead to use the tips of bird droppings Uguisu no Fun (Bulbul) to make their skin clean. Even unmitigated filth directly used as a mask. Now they still use it for beauty tips dirt, but mixed with soap first and then applied to the face and skin.

Country known for its variety of mythology. Including the secret mythology about female beauty. They use citrus to refresh the skin. Quintessence of citrus can also kill bacteria that cause acne.
If you want to try facial beauty tips and skin: wash face with warm water and then mixed with essential oils of orange. Or can also use a mask with orange juice plus

 Often drink tea? There are beauty tips related facial degan this drink. In Britain the dregs of the tea is believed to reduce the dark circles, especially in the eyes. Even the women have tips on storing waste it in the fridge, so it can be used at any time to maintain the beauty of their faces.

The women there are accustomed to using coffee to rub into their skin. The effect obtained is the loss of beauty of body odor and skin tones are bright and shine. Additional tips: They do it when saunas removal of dead skin cells so that running optimally.
Now these tips are very popular in the world. If you are a woman who often care for beauty facial scrub would know Potion. Well scrub of coffee comes from this country.

It turned out that Queen Cleopatra did not leave her love story, but also left the secret of beauty for women. It is said that Cleopatra was fond of using use of milk and honey for beauty face. He is also often a bathroom with a bath with sea salt and dead sea umpur

Egyptian Queen 
is believed that the materials that can give a clean and smooth skin. As well as beautiful and shining face. He also believes that the beauty tips that do also the secret of eternal youth.