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Diet tips - how to lose weight fast

Is dedicated to friends who actively seek work hard to diet or lose weight. Just sharing a healthy diet tips, quick and practical.
At breakfast if I could choose a high fiber diet plus drinking orange juiceIf you like drinking tea, it's better to drink green tea every day can help you burn about 70 calories more a day
If you like to drink milk, you should not select a full cream. Please drink consumption of low fat milk
Drink plenty of water. Many people can not distinguish between hunger and thirst.We thought that was hungry (though, actually thirsty), you will consume the food (which actually does not need to consume) and then, how do I tell? Drink a glass of water and wait until 10 minutes to find out if you're still hungry. If yes, then you are hungry.
Eat slowly way. Why Americans are more susceptible to obesity than the French?the answer is, not only because Americans are eating more, but also because the French people really enjoy their food in every chew, so tend to eat slowly. This causes the stomach will feel full more Cepal which in turn helped to suppress appetite and eating. For those of you who are unfamiliar, try this trick: put a spoon or fork while you're chewing, drinking mineral water after each chew, and chew food a few times before swallowing.

Use a smaller plate. regardless of the number of calories of food and size of these plates. As a workaround, use smaller plates. You will feel full by eating less.
Limit carbohydrates. Foods high in protein, such as fish, is the best dinner option to control body weight. This is because protein makes you full longer. If you want to eat carbs, avoid simple, because it is more likely to be stored as fat rather than used as energy.
Maybe it wrote simple tips regarding your healthy diet. I hope these tips can quickly diet can make you thin and become more confident with weight loss.