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How to take Care Your Lips?

The shape and size of lips depends on the individual characteristics of the circular muscles of the mouth, or the lack of front teeth, malocclusion.  In this connection distinguish protruding lips, and straight lines which are usually seen in elderly and senile age with loss of teeth. Normally, the upper lip extends slightly towards the bottom.  On the upper lip in the vertical direction is a groove that divides it into three parts: the middle and two lateral.  In the extreme fringe of the groove ends labial tubercle, whose dimensions are pretty much variruyuetsya.  The line that defines the boundary of the skin and the red border of the upper lip is called the arc of Cupid. Lip is composed of skin, subcutaneous tissue, muscle layer and mucosa.  Lip skin is thin, contains hair follicles and a large number of sebaceous glands. That is why the lips, their delicate skin requires constant attention, and hence the proper care.
For without this delicate skin of lips can be a breeding ground for the development in it of various ailments.  But even without this lip skin is often affected with eczema, herpes, herpes, furunculosis, tuberculosis and other preventive care as lips can help prevent the development of such diseases. Remember that the shape and form the lips, their movements and facial expression depends.  So try to keep the habit of mouth "in height" in order to make them as attractive as possible to others. Save the elasticity of the lips to help their daily massage for 30 seconds with a soft toothbrush, and then his lips to lubricate greasy cream. Before going to sleep should wash, and the lips to remove the lipstick. If you do not paint the lips, then lubricate them with cream.  For this purpose, creams are better suited to their content of vitamin A. It can be used and a colorless pomade, which will prevent lips from drying out. It will help your lips, freshen their mask of 1 teaspoon of cottage cheese mixed with 1 teaspoon of carrot juice.  Imposing certain vegetable mask on the face, do not forget about lips - even if they get a little vegetable "elixir." Cracks appeared on his lips should be lubricated with alternating zinc ointment and cod liver oil.  Better effect can be achieved if you take, even in small amounts of vitamins A and B2. Beauticians are advised particularly to pay attention to the design of the lips.  For example, on a pale pink pearl lipstick is recommended to impose exactly in the middle a little shine.  This option is reserved makeup, elegant, emphasizes femininity and looks great in combination with dark or tanned skin. If you put purple lipstick, then for effect, add a little pink from top to finish. And in conclusion.  Beauticians recommend the cracks that have appeared on the lips, use the following mask.  Take 1 teaspoon of aloe juice and 1 teaspoon of fat cottage cheese. Combine aloe juice with cream cheese until smooth.  Apply the mixture for 20 minutes on the lips, then rinse with warm water and hygienic lipstick brush.