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Steam baths for the face

Bath is one of the basic procedures of a beauty shop.  It is useful for oily skin , coarse skin with clogged pores, skin with many blackheads and acne .  The bottom line is that after the steam bath, the skin is easier to handle, it is easier to clean, massage, effectively absorbing masks and creams. Skin cells under the influence of steam softens, resulting in their rejection, while the skin is cleansed from dust, sebum and sweat, which then dissolve, skin becomes clean and smooth.  Thanks to the decoupling of the face seal on the skin are absorbed, which contributes to the disappearance of inflammatory reactions.  In the beauty parlor this procedure is most often done with oily skin to expose the grease caps that cover the ducts of glands that prevent the release of sebum and clog pores, which leads to inflammation of the skin.For oily skin, contaminated steam bath are doing no more than
1-2 times a week. If the skin you have oily and clogged pores are not strong, if there is no black dots.  If the above shortcomings from the first time completely eliminate fails, the better once again treated skin, and do not expose it once again steaming. For dry skin, steam bath is used very rarely, and only if heavily soiled.  Pre-dry skin, it is necessary to lubricate greasy cream, gently rubbing it into the skin.  If you have dry skin, a steam bath to be done once in 3-4 months, preferably not in the winter, not in cold weather. Harmful to make a steam bath for weak flabby skin with enlarged pores, pimples pink.  It is contraindicated in those with high blood pressure, asthma and cardiovascular system.  If the cheeks are visible dilated blood vessels, the front face of a steam bath to lubricate greasy cream. If your skin is healthy, do not make a steam bath is greater than 2 times per month.  This procedure must be used with caution, as it causes softening of the skin, vasodilatation, and reduces muscle tone.  The duration of the steam bath depends on the nature and condition of the skin.  If you have dry skin, the duration of a steam bath at 5-7min, with a very dirty dry skin - 7-10 min, with normal skin - 10-12 minutes.  Only in exceptional cases, a very rough and oily skin with heavily contaminated with pores in the presence of inflammation and duration of the bath seals can be increased up to 15 minutes, applying it once a week and no more than 3-4 times in a row. In normal and dry skin can make a steam bath 2 times a year, with fat - a once a month, and later, if you want to clear pores - one every two months. As a rule, this procedure is used herbs.  Steam bath with oregano and chamomile perfectly cleanses and refreshes tired skin.  Cook it this way: in a bowl with hot water added 2-3 teaspoons marjoram and chamomile, cover your head with a towel, lean over the steam.  Marjoram and chamomile have a purifying and anti-inflammatory properties, not by chance that these herbs are used in many cosmetics . Many people believe that taking a steam bath - is a simple procedure, and it is not necessary to consult a doctor or dermatologist, cosmetologist.  Nevertheless, we must take seriously the steam bath and do not use it at your discretion. Why do so many restrictions to be useful, as mentioned above, the procedures?  Do not forget that the skin, spending the extra couple minutes under the influence, loses sebum, it expands blood vessels and pores, diminished muscle tone.  The optimum temperature during a steam bath - up to 50 � C.  If it's too hot, you can slightly reduce the temperature or raise the veil.