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Tips Shown Modis With Veil

Creating a fashionable appearance by combining fashion with hijab is not too difficult. You only need to pay attention to the appearance look perfect proportion. Because with perfect proportions, a fusion of fashion with hijab became more fashionable. And the following Stylish Shown With Some Tips hijab.

1. Do not wear a lot of texture
If you choose a dress with ruffle berdetail boss, you should avoid wearing a headscarf is equipped with a pleated or decorations on the chin and neck. Rule wore a veil of the most important thing is, wearing a texture as opposed to your outfit.

2. perform a simple
Avoid any kind of details that busy and looks heavy. Game details should be imposed on areas that your strengths.

3. Avoid bright colors
If you want to wear light colored scarf like orange or yellow, you should wear neutral colored clothing while still matching such as nude or beige. But if you still want to wear bright colors, try not to select more than two colors.

4. Choose a focal point
If you want the veil that gets attention, choose a unique style like a braided scarf or hijab combines two colors at once. But remember, tunic or dress worn should be plain and simple.

5. wear accessories
Create your look with the help of the maximum of accessories such, hijab pins, brooches, bracelets, watches, shoes and handbags. An attractive accessory will make you look fashionable dress style with instant.