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Makeup removal-Rules of makeup.

The removal of make-up, in other words - the cleansing of the skin.  This is very important in skin care, and it can not be treated lightly, because even the good skin can quickly become quite poor. Means of color cosmetics, combining with dust and skin secretions, respiratory function of the skin break, which adversely affects its condition.  In addition, the pores are contaminated with a favorable environment for microbes, which contributes to vozniknoveniiyu inflammatory processes. Great importance when the make-up remover is the correct choice of cleaning agents, ie  must take into account the skin type, age, presence of makeup on her face. Improper Makeup removal can damage the skin. 
The facial skin is elastic, but it is susceptible to stretching, so that all movements must be carried out on the massage lines.Very carefully and should be done carefully Makeup removal eye.  On the eyelids no subcutaneous fat, so the skin on them less elastic and, in addition, the mucous eye very susceptible to irritation. Makeup removal begin by removing lipstick.  Thumb and forefinger of his left hand fixed the skin at the corners of the mouth, and his right hand with a cotton swab remove lipstick from the corners of his lips to the middle of them. To remove the mascara from the lashes on the lower eyelid under lashes impose a wet cotton swab, then with his right hand, with a feather cleanser, gently remove mascara spiral-motion in the direction of growth lines to the tips of the lashes.  The extent of pollution feather change.  Make sure that the wash does not get into eyes.  Another proven way to: a cotton swab moistened with water and gently squeeze out, put on a little olive (corn, peach - any plant, except for sunflower) oil.  Smearing oil on the tampon and gently, without pressing on the eyeball, to wipe the upper eyelid from the inner corner of eye to the outside, then not taking a swab - from external to internal.  This circular motion is repeated 2-3 times, then washed with a jet pack for clean water and another 2 - 3 times in a circular motion clean the eyelids of makeup.  The procedure is repeated until as long as a tampon is clean.  When removing makeup so ever and never reddened and irritated. Cotton swab along the massage lines treated skin century.  On the upper eyelid - from the inner corner of eye to the outside, on the bottom - on the contrary.
The facial skin is cleaned on massage lines.  To cleanse, you can use: liquid emulsion cream, cosmetic lotion, cleansing cream