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What you need to know about washing.

A different skin differently affected by water temperature, the frequency of washing, use of various tools for cleaning the skin. Cold water hardens the body and our whole body, but if you constantly wash her face, it can be reasons even he � thread damage.  Low water temperature causes a temporary narrowing of vessels and reduces blood flow.  Continuous washing with cold water leads to deterioration of skin nutrition.  If you regularly wash with cold water only, developed in the first pallor of the skin, then its dryness, lethargy, and finally the skin ages and becomes wrinkled. Wash water temperature is low particularly inappropriate in the cold season.  The air outside is already not only cools but also dries the skin.  Wash in the winter and spring of cold water - just increase the supercooling skin, provoking all sorts of irritations and even frostbite.  To refresh your face in the morning is better to use water at room temperature.  An hour before going outside, rinse face and neck and apply to wet face greasy cream.  After a while, a person should get wet towel to remove excess cream.

The use of cold water, even without soap, prevents salootdelenie.  Within reasonable limits it is even useful for people with oily skin.  If your skin is dry or prone to dryness, the result of regular and prolonged washing with cold water will inevitably be peeling.  Systematic washing before the exit to the street also contributes to dry skin. The use of cold water in the mornings, you can even ice, refresh and reinforce any skin in the warmer months.  In summer and fall mornings are accompanied by washing the influence of warm air, resulting in increased blood flow and improves skin nutrition.
Wash in cold water or apply ice for the night is not desirable - it may cause agitation and disrupt sleep.  In this connection should be left in the morning and contrasting washing.
If you prefer a hot cold water, then you need to know.  Hot water washes away not only dirt.  It expands the pores, reduces the skin's resistance.  Prolonged washing with hot water causes a persistent increase of surface vessels in the skin and weakens their walls.  Heat the water helps to relax first, and then reduce the surface skin of the muscles, skin dryabnet, loses its elasticity, wrinkles appear. When washing your face with hot soapy water and degreased skin severely dehydrated.  Such washing, repeated day after day, leading to stagnation of blood in the skin, unpleasant redness of the nose and cheeks.  Wash with hot water enough once a week, at night, and then be sure to rinse face with cool water. Sometimes it is helpful to wash with warm water, alternating with cool, causing irritation of the contrast.  Rapid changes in temperature has beneficial effects on blood circulation, nerve endings of the skin.  Contrast is used to wash the blood vessels peculiar exercises, ensures good nutrition of the skin.  The tighter the skin and the deeper raspolagayutsya.v her blood vessels, the more often you can use the contrast wash.  At the same time to finish the procedure should always be cool or cold water. If you skin is very oily, rough, with large pores, you can extend the contrast wash through the use of cool water.  But to do it better gradually, to the extension of the procedure was pleasant and desirable for the skin. Contrast wash can be applied not only to effectively cleanse the skin.  By frequent changes in skin temperature can be treated.  To do this, repeat contrast wash every day or a half or two hours before bedtime for 10-15 days. Washing with hot water and use sharp contra � stnyh washings absolutely contraindicated to those with dilated capillaries on the face (rosacea). The most reasonable - wash with water at room temperature, the soft (rain, snow) or relaxed. To make soft water should be boiled or add a small amount of borax or salt.  Washing with soft water at room temperature causes a transient vasoconstriction followed by their continuous expansion.  This contributes to a rush of blood to the skin, improving its power.  In addition, washing with warm water (not above 35 � C), calms the nervous system, relieves muscle tension of the skin, the body prepares well for the night.  Wash your face with water at room temperature can all, regardless of age, skin type and properties. Thus, systematic use of both cold and hot water is the cause of various skin irritations and even harmful to the skin. It is important to remember also that when washing is better not to use rough washcloths, toothbrushes, and soap - not a tool that will like and will suit your face.  The use of rough towels after washing and do not give your face and you pleasant minutes. In some cases if the skin is kamedony face, wash brush, of course, permissible.  It can be done to strengthen and deeper cleansing.  Neck also can be washed with a brush.
In order to really tighten the neck muscles, this procedure must be used regularly and it is desirable to start before you turned 25.
Washing only one way to clean face and neck, but not the only one.  In the evening, in addition to washing, to conduct a more thorough cleaning of the face.  And it should be done daily.