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Women's beauty secrets

The eyes - thin and tender, it is more susceptible to wrinkles and aging, and it therefore requires special treatment.  And the sooner we start to care for their eyes and eyelids, the latest on our face will appear the signs of decay.
With age, the skin inevitably loses its elasticity, stretched, under-eye bags appear as called.  In such cases, as well as dark circles under the eyes as a result of systematic sleep deprivation useful to apply to the skin under the eyes of the pieces of ice milk or water.  Swelling of the eyelids can be removed by putting them on for 15-20 minutes fresh grated potato wrapped in gauze.  Good help and cool gadgets of tea or lime blossom.
Eliminate puffiness under the eyes, irritation, make eyes sparkle, you can use a decoction of parsley or dill.
You can make sage tea (1 tablespoon to 1 cup water) to moisten a cotton swab in the infusion and apply them alternately, alternating hot and cold.  The procedure is usually carried out within 10 minutes and finish by wiping the ice.

With red eyes to moisten the lids of fresh cucumber juice (you can put the whole cucumber slices on closed eyes and hold for 15 minutes).  Compresses of camomile also relieve eye inflammation.
Probably will not be an exaggeration to say that the eyes - not only an important part of the face, but also measure the state of man's inner world.  As one of the senses, the eyes constantly to reflect changes in our inner world.  So take care of your eyes is a must.
Already ancient physicians of India and China saw eye hygiene, an important element in maintaining overall health.  At diagnosis into account changes in the iris, pupil shape, bright eyes, the rapidity and clarity of sight.
To reduce eye strain, improve vision in the ancient Orient was invented by a system of exercises - the so-called exercises for the eyes.  Today we prove that these exercises stimulate blood flow to the eyeballs, strengthen eye muscles, relieve visual fatigue.  Here are the four most effective exercises.
Starting position for all exercises: Take a sitting position, keep your head straight.
1.  Somknite eyelids prikroite them slightly bent with his hands so that they do not touch the eyeballs and the center of the palm was in front of the pupil.  Imagine that warm your hands rushed to this point.  Within minutes of warm eyes with his hands.
2.  Closed eyes "look" first left, up, right, down, then - in the opposite direction.  Slowly repeat 5-10 times in each direction.  Use your fingertips to gently stroke his eyelids, open your eyes and blink a few times quickly.
 3.  Place directly in front of an object and focus it on sight.  Slowly move the object to the right by 90 degrees.  Accompanying his eyes, try not to turn heads.  Return the item to the place, and without taking his eyes off him.  Do the same to the left.  In slow motion repeat 5 times.
 4.  Place directly in front of an object and focus it on sight.  Slowly approaches the subject of the nose and slowly return it to its original position.  Repeat 10-15 times.
 These exercises are very useful, they returned tired eyes sparkle and give them special emphasis.  Sheng Chinese doctor, who lived in the XVI century, encouraged to do their daily morning and evening.  And in the case of a large load on the eyes advised to take the first two exercises in the afternoon