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Winter skin problems

Winter a cold weather, and the calendar is the end of autumn, so it is close to think about winter skin care.  It's no secret that it was during the cold season skin care becomes especially important, as the wind, snow, frost, rain, do not go for the benefit of gentle female persons. Experts have long known that continuous exposure to low air temperatures, wind and snow on the exposed parts of the body leads to more rapid aging of the skin, so in the winter just need constant application of the cosmetics. In cold weather, we can not wash in the morning or lubricate the face cream as cream, even the fat contains water (not less than 25%), as the evaporation of moisture appear cool and dry skin.
And for dry skin in the evening to freshen the face is better to use sour cream, yogurt, butter or vegetable oil. Nourishing creams are necessary, but during the cold better lubricate the face of goose fat or lard visceral.  To make this natural cream to goose fat or lard Interior cut into small pieces, melted in a water bath, strain through cheesecloth and store in a cool place.  Fat will be better preserved if we add to it the zinc ointment in the ratio 4:1.  Particularly helpful would be the skin care if you love winter sports or walking outdoors. If, after prolonged exposure to air your facial skin peels off and blown down, then come home and try to make a compress or poultice.  To do this, towel or napkin to moisten with hot water or decoction of chamomile and mint, and put on for 2-3 minutes on the face.  After this it is useful to make a mask out of egg yolk mixed with 1 teaspoon of vitamin A with castor and any vegetable oil, taken equally.  After 15-20 minutes, the mask should be washed off. If you were not careful and frostbitten, it can be applied to the skin mashed potatoes hot, cooked in their skins and wrapped in gauze.  His hold on his face to cool.  Then rub the skin with a dilute solution of lemon juice or apple cider vinegar (2 teaspoons per cup of water). The health of your skin and complexion depends not only on regular maintenance, but also on lifestyle, nutrition, good sound sleep.  So do not forget to ventilate the apartment before going to bed, because fresh air is needed for your skin to breath. A cold wind, the temperature drop and central heating dries the skin.  You can use humidifiers, decorative fountains, saturator.  And the easiest way to moisturize dry air apartments - this place for the night beside the bed a basin of water.  Moist air will help to eliminate fine wrinkles and gray shade the face.  Add the water, one drop of lavender essential oil, and you will find a strong and peaceful sleep. To refresh your skin, you can do self-massage snow.  To do this, wrap a little gauze clean snow and the resulting roller massaging the face from chin to forehead for 2 minutes.  This procedure strengthens the walls of blood vessels, promotes cell regeneration and the appearance of freshness and blush. It will take quite some time, and we will greet the new year 2012.  Of course, each of us wants to be especially beautiful in the beloved holiday.  You still have time to give himself up - do not hesitate to care for a long time - start now!