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Date tips for women

Women do you know if you love the man through a style of dress?

Women love to see the man who wore good clothes, such as a shirt and tie. Try asking your girlfriends, men's clothing who likewhat they like for a man. Occasionally try to go shopping with a sister or a female colleague in your place of work.

Important note: Many are women who pay attention to the shoes.

Try Do not wear expensive clothes but will not suit you.
Example: Do not wear a tie and your new shoes while swimming.OK, this is overkill, but imagine you go bowling and you wearbeautiful but uncomfortable condition that makes you sweat? Orgo to the movies with a Hawaiian T-shirt.

On the other hand, well dressed, casual, and can show you as amale figure. Adjust the appearance of your purpose.
Women usually like to pay attention to the appearance of man.Thus by wearing good clothes YOU have to build lines of communication with them.