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Easy beauty tips

This is a quick and easy to look good. Follow these simple beauty tips, if you quickly ready for a party or even before you go to work.

       Use eyelash curler and use it three times on the eyelashes. Once near the roots, a time in the middle and a third time, use it on the tip of the lashes. Hold the bracket is still for five seconds.
       Apply mascara and start with the outer lashes and work your way into the lashes. This makes them look thicker.
       Use two types of mascara - one that thickens lashes and one that makes them more. Start with the latter. If you have straight eyelashes, use eyelash curler and then right after you use waterproof mascara. This is usually attracted to lash mascara a little longer than usual. Waterproof mascara will not end up under the eyes as easily as a normal good.

A few simple beauty tips for eye shadow
Your eyelids are slightly oily? Will lead to oily eyelids eyeshadow to wear during the day. Wipe make it with a paper towel and apply some powder or foundation eyeshadow stick. Have you ever tried cream eyeshadows? There are results, which is shiny, not matte display-type regular eyeshadow available. Applying some sparkling powder on the cream eye shadow to make it look the same way all day.

oily nose
Use to prevent the powder on the nose, the oily. Keep your powder compact with you in your pocket, so you add the powder into the nose can all day.