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Kissing tips for women

do you know if there are some new variations that can be practiced kissing lovers to further inflame sexual desires. What?

Pressed kiss

A kiss is made ??with pressed his lips firmly on the lips.

Kiss baby bottles

Kissing a person does by sucking her partner's lips being sucked like a baby bottle of milk.

Full suction kiss

A kiss is done by sucking it to the brim at the mouth of each partner. Believe this kiss is a bit experimental, but it never hurts to try out the lover in order to get the sensation of "taste" kiss the other.

Kissing bubble
The opposite of a kiss full suction that also is experimental. A kiss is done by blowing each partner's mouth until both cheeks bulging rounded individual. Still in a kissing position, each pair then deflate the bubble in his mouth.

Razor kiss closed
A kiss that made ??a person with a "tongue" partner into his own mouth, then "pinning" the tongue with his teeth. Furthermore, with his teeth that he also "shave" the partner's tongue moving back and forth in accordance with the tongue panhandle partner.

Kiss off
A kiss is not on one's body parts per se, but rather continue to "slide" into his body parts of another. Could have kissed her partner initially, but then forwarded to the cheek, neck, shoulders, chest, breasts, and continued to slide to the other places the burning passion for self and partner.

Passionate kiss
A kiss that made ??a lover to their partner who has been asleep or resting with their partner kissed her face and neck as the smoldering sexual arousal release.