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Men women through the eyes fertility trap

Before choosing a spouse, generally, men will look for visual cues about her wants. This they do to ascertain whether the prospective mate healthy, fertile, and have a good future or not.
Men will first consider how the shape of your hips, hair, legs and even women who are targeted. Instinct of a man like that, even in effect long before modern civilization entered or when humans still lived in caves.
However, recently there are the results of a study of male behavior in choosing a mate, which is quite surprising. Apparently, the Adam also interested in women because the eye of assets owned. They could fall in love with a woman endowed with beautiful eyes, white and clean.
According to a study published by the Journal of Ethology, the man unconsciously connect the red eye with reproductive health in women.
Although only a brief observation melakulan when talking casually with the opposite sex, men will easily find out the health of women in front of his color sclera (white part of the eye). Colors in the sclera can explain the behavior and lifestyles of people.
Thus, the women, have you noticed your eye health? Ensure the health of this most valuable asset. Begin riveting gebetan with one eye. Your eyes will explain yourself. VIVAnews