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Tips on shaving pubic area female

Some tips for women who are interested in shaving their pubic area:
1. Do it gradually, but very important for you to surprise your partner, do not do that grow from thick to be completely naked every once in shaving. Start by trimming the hair a little shorter every week. Perhaps using a beard trimmer. Once the hair is getting shorter all, start shaving the outer labia outer labia seem resistant to shaving pubic better than (public mound). The next week or so start making the field from the point of your pubic hair on smaller and smaller by cutting and
shave. If you start the formation of irritation, do not remove the hair until the irritation goes away. This is done by experimenting with movements of different razors, shaving cream that is, jellies, different razors, different clothing, etc.. It may take time for the skin to get used to shaving, since the razor likely scraps away the outer layer of tissue and can cut the hair on the surface of the skin that causes redness and ingrown hairs. Some women find that they can not shave their pubic, and consequently only trim the hair very short.
2. It takes time. At the beginning of
spend estimated time 30-60 minutes every time you groom your pubic region. If you want the bare look right off the bat, plan on a few hours. Once you and your body accustomed to shaving, it only takes a few minutes to shave the pubic area, if done every day, or every other day.
3. Use a new razor blade every time. Coarse pubic hair very quickly dull the blade. Unless you are going to torture myself never use a blade to shave your legs and then use them on your pubic region. use an electric razor, make sure that the blades are not long.
4. Use a good razor, perhaps with a special blade and a rotating head. Some women razors now have wide handles so that you have a larger grip. You need to try several to find one that works best. You want to buy one of each type of disposable you find at your local store and try them all.
5. Start by using a lot of shaving soap or jelly-jelly. Give a layer of jelly is a new soap or shaving every part by your razor. You need a little oil on the skin of your child's delicate eyes razor sharp. The use of these toolsintended for sensitive skin. Menthol or eucalyptus may make the skin tingle, but it may help soothe the vulva for a long time. (If they start to burn, rinse right away)
6. Shave in the afternoon. This is because the amount of time required, and because you want naked or just wearing a nightshirt or gown afterwards. Once you get use to shaving you can do in the shower in the morning in a few minutes.
7. Tight clothing are not used at first, if not always. Your sensitive skin will not be able to withstand any friction against the outer layer of skin at the top has been eliminated. You should not use any clothing that let your vulva
rub clothing. Wear dresses and skirts. Do not use tight shorts; wear tap pants or men's boxers instead if possible go without underwear. The elastic legs of you regular panties may irritate the boundaries of "areas" you. Tight jeans are probably a very bad idea. Open at the bottom will likely feel pretty strange when you start shaving and it will be difficult to not think about it. This is really good because it makes you more aware of your sexuality. You will eventually get used to the feeling of being bare and open.
8. Soak in warm water or use a hot shower before shaving. This softens the hair and makes it easier to cut. This will account for most of the time it takes to groom your pubic region.
9. After shaving, sleep with naked or wearing only nightclothes, boarding feet will do. Do not wear pants or underwear. You do not want anything rubbing against your sensitive vulva as you sleep. If you use sanitary napkins, just sleep on a couple of old towels if you are menstruating.
10. Do not shave too closely at first. Do not press into the skin. Make one light pass with the blade then move to the next area. You will not remove all hair, but will reduce the magnitude
irritation you experienced. With each subsequent shaving, more hair to be removed. Do it slowly and gently.
11. Hold the skin with one hand while you shave with the other. This is the correct way, especially near your labia area. The groove is close to your clitoris may be difficult to shave and it will take practice to become proficient in this regard.
12. Shave in the direction of the hair growth, this usually means diagonally near your outer labia. Observe your short hair pattern after you trim the hair short. Some experienced women shave against the direction of hair growth, after first performed at the direction of the fiber, using a very light movement and a new layer of shaving gel or shaving foam. This produces a very tight shaving. It's not a good idea for beginners.
shaving beginning of each day. Women often report they do not notice things starting to itch until their hair starts to grow again. shaving early every other day and use a short movements. At the beginning do not look and feel like the baby smooth. Once you do the exercise and your skin becomes accustomed to shaving, continue to shave every other day or every day. If you want to shave your vulva and like it that way, you can not just shave occasionally. Irritation will make you crazy.
14. Be careful of odors / perfumes or other additives that may irritate your delicate skin. Baby oil may lubricate the skin and reduce the amount of friction. As with powder baby powder talc powder but bad for the vulva and vagina, called the "bikini area" that aims to help eliminate the irritation caused by shaving, but this kind of expensive, but may be useful for the beginner.
15. Use a mirror and good light so you can see what you are doing, unless you are unusually flexible, you will not be able to see your entire vulva without this. Possibility you will cut yourself if you do not use it.
16. Some women are encouraged to use a loofah sponge on days you do not shave, when you bath or shower. Gently rub the hair. This will remove dead skin and help keep hair follicles (pores) remains open, reducing the chances of ingrown hair.