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Menopause Women's Nutritional Needs

Eat foods that are healthy and fit is a necessity supporting the need for better qualityof life in postmenopausal women.

Requirements for calories and nutrients in postmenopausal women is recommended as needed that takes into account factors such as weight, height, age and activity.

In addition to the amount which is generally lower than on the needs of mature age,type of nutrients that must be considered is the carbohydrate (consumed 55 percentmore, the kind of complex carbohydrates), the recommended amount of fat ranges from 20-30 percent (avoid animal fat)

It is recommended to prevent osteoporosis in order to take calcium with vitamin D.Calcium intake of 1000-1200 mg and 500 IU vitamin D per day can increase theeffectiveness of calcium and protect bones against osteoporosis.

With preparations will self prime menopause (by eating supplements rich inphytoestrogens, regular exercise, balanced diet with adequate nutrition and keeping the mind positive) then you can get through menopause without fear and stay beautiful and healthy.