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Why men and women fall in love

People fall in love is the deepest feeling and makes the heart pensive and always wondered "Why am I happy with him".

But I quite know why that happens?
In this article I'm not talking love mistakes to be avoided, but is more emphasis on why we fall in love. Why do men fall in love and why women fall in love. why oh why can fall in love??
Earlier we discussed just before the basic difference between the nature of woman and nature of man. Because this is interconnected with one another it:
The woman's nature has a tendency to love each other love, more attention, look more beautiful, like shelter (This is why women like to cuddle), etc..While the ...
The nature of man is wanted
famous, powerful, dominant partner, pushy and protect the area power (in the modern world could work, achievement, etc.).
When she asked why he fell in love. He also will not be able to answer. Most also charge him for match, love, happy, happy! and know not if it's just nonsense to cover up his ignorance why he fell in love. Why? Because Falling in love is a feeling that can not be controlled and it just happened. (EMOTIONAL)
In other words this is a matter of instinct.
You are as handsome as any man, if the woman does not have the instinct of love for you ya useless wrote. But not if the woman fall in love ... As great as anything he tried to resist falling in love, it will only make the body, mind and heart to be tortured. What can be done of women who are in love is to continue to love the man. So is the case even if a man fall in love.

According to research 80% of women make decisions based on emotion. Inversely with the men who make decisions based on logic as much as 80%. That is why women are not interested in the nature of the man who attempted to seduce using logic.
That is so ... .. is it silly if you buy a woman with expensive jewelry, shoes costing hundreds of dollars, or always praised him excessively. With a myriad of kindness and hope it makes a woman fall in love. It would only make the man fall in love but will further discourage excessive chance you (men) with him.
That is tantamount to equate love with money. Love for a woman is not logic, but the feelings (emotions). If you want to make a woman fall in love ... always hold fast to this: The man who always decides, praised the women and then mocking him a bit, always pay attention to little by little, some are selfish. Come let us prove it! SPIRIT ...