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Why women talk and men walk

If you heard phrase "Usually at this hour there are people who gossip in front of there". Whatever and whoever you are sure to fancy the people in question were the moms.
Why is that? Was she indeed identical to GOSIP? not! I think because she was a lot of talk. Especially when talking to each other.
So GOSIP it is one of its kind. The key point is the girl loves to talk. This has been going and going for thousands of years.

Did you know that women do not need a reason to start a conversation and does not require the ultimate goal to finish the conversation

This is one that differentiates between women and men.
Why this could occur. And what happened in the past so that it can happen like this
To explain it we should Enable First Time Machine and go back to Tens of Thousands of years ago. When the Human Species which have not become the ruler of the earth ....
and In those days .... The women spent most of his time living in a cave. While the men hunt for food.

While at the Cave, the women doing anything together. They will continue to talk to build ties. There is no one thing that makes them unable to speak freely
In contrast to men. When they hunt each other still. This was done so that the prey was not surprised. In other words the whole day talking with each other less than girls
Well you already know the secret past of his ancestors of our ancestors. It is time we return to the Future.
Okay! you're back:)
But Wait-wait first you must think the illustration above is a "silly joke from pirates". Unfortunately this your Scientific .... I took from the book by Barbara & Allan Pease.
Even according to the Institute of Psychiatry London. The brain of a woman can produce 6000-8000 words can be spoken every day. Compare with the man who only 2000-4000 words per day