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How to care sensitive Skin

In the modern cosmetology is convenient to define the type of "sensitive skin".  The sensitivity can be congenital or acquired.
In stores now can be seen as separate funds, and the whole line of cosmetics designed specifically for this type.
At constant stress and harmful effects, as a result of improper care and stress delicate dry skin loses its protective power, loses its ability to resist and becomes very sensitive to various irritating factors.
Typical signs of sensitive skin:
- A feeling of tightness after washing;
- Increased irritability;
- Often appear red spots on face and neck;
- Spots on the skin appear almost every time after using a new cosmetic product;

- During stressful situations in the face of pimples;
- If long in hot, dry conditions, the skin begins to itch;
- Skin burns quickly in the sun.
The most problematic are the area around the eyes, the so-called T-zone (the zone of nasolabial triangle), neck and d�collet�.
The peculiarity of this skin type is that its reaction to cosmetics completely unpredictable.  That drug, which was yesterday seemed to be quite suitable for the next day is already causing a backlash.
Very bad for sensitive skin affect physiological and psychological stress and fatigue.  This results in redness, the feeling of tension, peeling and itching.
Unpleasant symptoms may occur as a reaction to cold, excessive exposure to ultraviolet rays, excessively dry indoor air, air pollution, as well as some cosmetic procedures.
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