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Moisturizing and nourishing Legs

A person Irad hair appears at the pass almost from the cradle, but to reach the hands of five is not always.
And in vain, because the state depends largely on the legs and confident gait, and even mood.  Legs merit no less than any other part of TNT.  Daily load, which they bear, with nothing comparable.  For this reason, the legs are worth the same procedures that you pamper your face, neck, arm or chest area, and sometimes more attention.
Creams, masks, baths, massage - everything is fine leg fatigue and helps to heal the cracks.
It's quite simple - have a beautiful satin-smooth legs, you only need to worry about nutrition and hydration.  The skin on the legs is poor in sebaceous glands, they are easily dehydrated.  Dry skin can cause irritation and even itchy, mostly at night, when exposed to heat the bed and blood flow.
Dry skin is less elastic, less smooth and elastic.  Daily moisturizing the skin (it is certainly necessary, especially after washing) most effectively slows the aging process.  After bathing, apply moisturizer and is recommended nutrient creams.
Apply the cream should be upward, as if putting on stockings.
If you want the skin to be more flexible, especially in the upper legs, use the special preparations that enhance skin elasticity.  They are used throughout the year, best in the morning, after a contrast shower.
As often as possible lubricate foot moisturizer, because the skin on them is usually dry.  This is due to the fact that, firstly, the legs are exposed to sun and wind.  Second, when the blood reaches the feet, it has already lost most of the oxygen.  It is especially important to apply the cream after his legs were shaved.  Small burst blood vessels that appear on the legs of some women, are also hereditary.  With age they become more prominent Mr. noticeable, especially if a woman likes to warm his feet in a heat source (the battery or the fireplace).  Prevent or cure, unfortunately, is impossible.
Here are some recipes
- Lower the legs for 15-20 minutes in hot water, add a little olive oil or sunflower oil.  Horny skin on heels and soles of the feet can be scraped off with a pumice stone.
- When I'm tired fatigued legs do contrasting foot bath: 10 times alternately lower leg in a basin of hot (40 � C) and cool (20 � C) water.  To enhance the effect of water can add 50 grams of lime blossom and 1 tablespoon of salt.  For varicose veins helped the same bathtub from the leaves of the hazel.
- Chronic disease of the joints, the knees will help remove the poultice of medical bile.  Linen cloth to lubricate the bile, it was wrapping the joint, put plastic wrap on top, cotton wool and keep the day.  A day to make a new pack.