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Skin Care sun and skin type

The most awaited time of year.  In the summer should be as much as possible to be on the air, walk barefoot, tempered, store up vitamins and thereby to strengthen the body.
Sun is very good for the skin.  In the sun to produce vitamin D, beneficially affects both the skin condition and the condition of hair and nails.  For those who like to sunbathe, you need to know your skin type, since each one has its limit sun exposure.  Senseless and dangerous to exceed this limit.  Here are some basic tips for each skin type.
Normal skin.
In normal skin during the day to avoid sudden exposure to sun and wind, so before going out, apply to skin day or protective creams, cream powder.  The tendency to the formation of age spots and freckles on the skin apply a barrier cream for normal skin types.  It is also recommended to feed a skin, for example, using yolk mask.

Dry skin.
Dry skin is very sensitive, as produces little protective substances that normally protect the skin from harmful environmental influences.  So before going out in the sun nourish her fat and moisten with cream, suitable for your skin type.
You can do the following mask: 1 teaspoon of fresh cottage cheese mash with 1 teaspoon of fresh cream and 1 teaspoon of carrot juice.  After 40 minutes, rinse.
Either way, the drug combines traditional beauty in everyday life with commercial creams, lotions and gels.  So mention the selection of 'store' means will not be superfluous.
Creams for dry skin should contain, in addition to moisturizers, special emulsion, contributing to the rapid absorption of creams.  A day cream, equipped with filter elements, prevent dry skin from ultraviolet radiation and premature aging.  Every day is ideal lightweight gel preparations applied under day cream.  They soften, moisturize the skin and provide a good base for makeup.
Oily skin.
To protect oily skin in summer is good to use cream powder with vitamin C and with a protective factor against the sun at the same time.
Mixed type of skin.
If you have a mixed type of skin, the UV-filter you have chosen the cream should not be less than 30-40.  Apply it to every 3-4 hours.  Tanning is recommended to use the morning or evening: so you will save your skin from burns and get a tan.
Light skin.
Special rules exist in the sun for girls with fair skin.  Their skin sunburn can occur even after the Gut short stay in the sun.  It is necessary to limit exposure to sunlight within 10 minutes.  Sun exposure may be increased to 10 15 minutes each day.  Avoid the midday sun - UV radiation is most intense at this time.  Always use a sunscreen preparations.  Eat them often, greasing all exposed areas of the body, and do not forget to apply a new coat after bathing.  Located on the beach, cover your skin with a thick layer of cream, it is necessary because the sand and water reflect UV rays and promote faster tan.
 Adversely affected during the summer on your skin and high humidity, where sweat glands are working tirelessly, which is why your skin may become more oily.  Also "blow off" your beauty is capable of a strong wind, which, in contrast, literally dries the skin.  Wind-blown dust, settling on his face, clog pores and prevents it from properly "breathe".
 Therefore, no matter how pleasant warm sunshine, refreshing breeze - do not forget from day to day care for the health of their skin.