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Hair tips for women 2012

As to whether the model's hair trends and hair styles for year 2012? For Japanese-style hair style trends with pieces of strongand super straight which was trendy in recent years In 2012 this trend seems to be fading. As with fashion fashion trends, hairtrends 2012 also appears to be changing.

"In 2012, the trend is straight and flat hair will no longer exist. Witha benchmark based in London, the style of '60s era hair will comeback," said expert hairdressing, Alfons, when the show PanteneHair Week in Gandaria City, South Jakarta, Thursday(06/10/2011) ago. According to him, hair trends next year willfurther adapt the type of hair volume and thickness.

For the texture of hair, different types of texture from straight tocurly hair can be applied to this trend. But to get perfect results,hair should still be adjusted to shape the face of every person.Until now the perfect face shape is assessed by experts of beauty is an oval face shape. Thus, the shape of hair cut should be adapted to the shape of the face to face approaches the form of an oval face.

For short hair, usually a technique used to increase the volume is to provide the curly texture, use foam, blow dry, and cutgraduations (traps) to the extreme. But it is not as thick bobhairstyle slightly diluted. "The piece is usually done by expertshairdressing world, is a precision engineering and geometricpieces to produce a volume of thick hair," he said.

Korean haircut style that was developing right now is one modelthat uses the volume of hair styles. "Korean style also still bethere, because this Korean style has a thick volume and stilltextured than the Japanese model of a straight thin.