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Relationship tips for women

Both men and women have their own tricks. Each person is able to love, be loved, and build relationships. There are general laws regulate things in life; these laws are based on the secret of genuine love.
Here are some tips on love for the woman who had just started to build a relationship.

You must:

  • Pay him a compliment and give her a gift (even flowers); 
  • Introduced him to your friends and do not ask him to give up his friends;
  • You jealous control her children if she divorced; - let him spend time with his children; rang the bell, even if you have locks on doors (would you want to be taken to realize in your own bathroom?); 
  • Go with him to a football game (he does not have to think that you will be a football fan); 
  • if you met your ex, try to ignore it (even if she looks great and you are nothing more than him); 
  • tell him how smart he is (at least once a week); 
  • do not try hard to win her confidence and made him a member of your family - you are with him because you love it and you always have to show it to him; 
  • Never criticize her friends, even if you feel like killing some of them, giving him a chance to spend time with them; 
  • Try not to focus on his disability;

You do not have to
    •  date married men because in poor taste and things will go wrong;
    • trying to be mother of his children: they already have a mother;
    • talk about your past relationships in great detail;
    • spying on him - it's a sign of distrust and total lack of confidence;stop taking care of themselves;
    • express your admiration for Kevin Costner or Tom Cruise on the date of your first film;
    • fixed on the affairs of the past give you all the love and boyfriend-girlfriend who looks angry - you should try to make them your allies; 
    • take your girlfriend with you everywhere just because the poor girl is very lonely.