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Women's beauty secrets soft and tender lips

The winter start, you will immediately rush to the pharmacy for hygienic lipstick in order to protect lips from wet weather and withering wind! And there's another recipe - a special mask that will soften the skin and lips, and fill it with vitamins, and protect from frost. For gentleness and healing cracks: 
  • Mix the sour cream and carrot juice in equal shares;
  • Mix fresh curd cheese with a little cream;
  • Mix pureed apple with melted butter.  This mask can be left on your lips for 15-20 minutes.
 With dry lips:
* Mix cucumber juice, honey, sour cream and cottage cheese.  After the mask grease sponges sunflower oil;
* Apply a thick layer of honey.
 Mask for lips, unlike the usual, is applied only for 5-10 minutes, then rinse with cool water.  The volume of the mask - just one teaspoon.
Do gymnastics 
It helps strengthen the muscles around the tiny sponges, and thus also struggling with the appearance of wrinkles, plus helps keep the shape of the mouth.  Only one thing: after all, carry out an exercise program is better in a quiet corner.
 1.  Pronounce the letters E, O, U. Then, inflate the cheeks and sharply air through the tightly compressed lips.
 2.  Move the lower jaw and simultaneously drive the expression of his lips to the left and right.
 3.  Sponge your favorite pull ahead slightly and Blow, and then relax.
 4.  Romping whistle.
 5.  Smile five times mechanically stretching the lips.  Eyes without smiling!
 6.  Copy fish: pull the lips slightly open in front of them.  Close and slide back.
 7.  Take a deep breath and inflate the cheeks.  Now exhale slowly and calmly.  Again enter and inflate, and now exhale air shocks.
 8.  Again inflate the cheeks.  And now with the force.
 This gym is needed for the blood to rush to the lips, carrying in his bed a lot of nutrients, vitamins and minerals that nourish the delicate skin of lips.  Because the blood circulation of the mouth, and, consequently, nutrients come faster, forcing our lips always be beautiful and have a delicate pink.  So that there is a large health point.
Even in the Middle Ages gave bombshells fledgling young ladies, for the first time the ball traveled, the council is constantly biting his lips, that they seemed brighter and more appealing.  You can do massage and mouth.  It can be done at any time you want.  The number of these procedures is also not limited. Take an ordinary toothbrush, be sure to dry or towel and a light circular motion massaging the lips.  Or, for 1 minute just pat her fingers on her lips!  And if we add to this a slight pat on the lips of the very toothbrush while brushing your teeth, it will be quite good. After the massage, indulge in a nourishing cream sponge.  Leave it for 10 minutes, then rinse off cosmetic milk. And here's another secret soft gentle lips: when grease face nourishing cream , brush them more and lips, but only the most red border - this will help avoid its early fading and faded.