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How to change your hairstyle?

Coming Soon, very soon will come the New Year holidays , with fluffy snow, ornate Christmas trees, garlands of bright and cheerful meeting of the New Dragon 2012 . Colors and emotions - New Year's Eve sure to surprise everybody. Costume, hairstyle, make-up holiday . What's in the New Year , you probably already decided, and evening make-up about imagine. And that's what you can do with hair?

Hair can build, paint, lay - a lot of options.

There are various ways of hair, what to choose - it depends on the skill of the barber, on the condition of your hair, your mood - but much of anything.

Stackable hair attached to your hair with adhesive. Places spikes resemble elongated grains of rice.

The number of connections depends on how much hair you are ordering.

By increasing and length, and volume is usually required pryadok 250. If you want to increase hair for volume, it is enough 100 strands.

If you are running a true professional, a graft of hair does not differ from their own. Any special sophisticated means to care for hair graft is required.

Coloring, styling, tanning is not harmful to graft hair and shorten their toes.

Usually hairdo hair extensions procedure takes no more than three hours.

Most often we use the following technologies.

UK - the most common. The strands are joined with hot glue (organic resin - keratin).

Spanish - cold building. The strands are attached to your own hair using a two-adhesive.

Korean - cold building with metal beads RING STAR.

Used for hair extensions, natural and artificial hair (kanekalon) and various models kanikalona - "Pony", "ripple" and "Zizi".

If you dye your hair of chemical paint, remember ...

 - The hair apply the paint can!

- Apply the paint is better from the back, because in the occipital area of ??the skin temperature and color below is longer.

- Hair will not be brighter, if you instead of thirty minutes will keep the dye hour.

- Wash the paint to large amounts of water, or remain on the hair chemicals.

- Do not dye your hair, where it has been painted with vegetable dyes.

- Do not dye your hair if you were in front of this potent drug.

- If you choose a natural dye best hair dye to lighter shade of natural color. Hair color should match the color of the skin and eyes.

- Live natural dyes: henna, Basma, extracts of chamomile, rhubarb, green walnut shells, onion scales. They strengthen the hair, removes dandruff .

- Before painting with natural dyes her hair should be washed and dried.

- Apply staining solution to the individual strands and then combed them, so that it evenly distributed.

- If you use vegetable dye (except henna and basma), hair can not rinse.

To change the shape of hair, to give more volume, there are various styling products. How to use them on purpose?

� If you want to give your hair volume, apply a little paint on the hair roots from the bottom, and then lay the hair with a round brush.

� Varnish will help to simplify the formation of waves and curls. Apply the varnish on my finger and then wrap around curl wet or dry. Repeat.

� To create smooth hairstyles namesite paint on the palm or flat brush, then gently smooth the hair dry.

� With paint, you can create and the effect of negligence. Apply paint only to the ends of her hair, then twist the little fingers of the individual strands in different directions.

� mousse or foam will not fit, to create this fashionable hairstyle negligence. It is better to use a gel or cream.

� Creams and wax are not suitable to give hair volume.

� A gel is not suitable to create a smooth styling. For this purpose, are wax and mousse.